Marketing Lead

Job Description

We're looking for a self-starter to help Hexawise ramp up our marketing efforts, decide on the right marketing, and put those efforts into place. Reporting directly to the CEO, the main purpose of this role is to develop and execute (in collaboration with the CEO and other Hexawise executives) a marketing strategy to bring more target clients to the front of the pipeline by increasing awareness and interest outside of what we’ve already built through word of mouth recommendations and LinkedIn prospecting.

Now is the right time to explore more deliberate marketing and positioning in order to reach new audiences. You will be the chief driver and influencer of those efforts.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Reporting directly to the CEO, you’ll be responsible for the vast majority of the marketing efforts happening at Hexawise.
  • Your chief responsibility will be to decide on the right marketing expenditures for Hexawise to fund and pursue, and put those efforts into place. The "Role & Responsibilities" section will be purposefully unspecific as we would like you to make many of the decisions about where to focus our marketing efforts in 2020.
  • You’ll develop and run marketing programs including (but definitely not limited to): Lead generation, content marketing, paid acquisition, community building, nurture campaigns, co-marketing and funnel optimization.
  • You’ll be responsible for the full gamut of marketing, from building brand awareness to lead generation and customer marketing.
  • Over time as Hexawise continues to grow, you’ll be responsible for resourcing and scaling a team as the need for more marketing support arises. In the meantime you'll be utilizing the expertise of outside marketers (if necessary) when putting these initiatives into place.

About You

Here are the "must haves" to be successful in this role:

  • You have 3+ years' experience marketing at B2B companies.
  • You have Software as a Service (SaaS) marketing experience or experience marketing a specific product or tool suite.
  • You posses the ability to simplify complex concepts and connect product functionality to real-world value.
  • You have top-notch written and verbal communication skills (native English speaker preferred).
  • You have earned roles with progressively-increased responsibility and exhibit a track record of growth so far in your career.
  • You thrive in a dynamic startup environment and have confidence operating solo or working as part of a small marketing team.

Here are a some hints that you might be the person we’re looking for (you match up with a number of these):

  • Some management experience is preferred but not a deal breaker for the right candidate.
  • Bachelor's degree - ideally in Marketing, English, or Communication.
  • Experience helping companies more effectively position their brands within the market or tweaking value propositions to better resonate with potential customers.
  • Experience managing and effectively allocating a dedicated marketing budget.Experience optimizing landing pages and planning/running keyword campaigns (i.e. Google AdWords).

Serious "bonus points" will be awarded to candidates with any of the following:

  • Experience tailoring marketing efforts specifically towards executives at large (~Fortune 2000) companies.
  • Experience marketing for other software development or testing products or tools, or an understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) or Software Testing strategies and challenges.
  • Some experience running and optimizing paid campaigns (including the use of landing pages).
  • Masters Degree in a marketing-related field.

About Us

We exist to help large companies with many software testers test their software more effectively by being smarter about which test scenarios they execute. This is (in our opinion) an often overlooked, but extremely critical, part of the Software Delivery process and we strive to be the first place Fortune 500 companies turn to improve the quality of their software testing. Using our software test design tool will help them systematically find more defects while typically executing fewer software tests.

Hexawise serves our global customer base from our headquarters in Durham, NC, near the Research Triangle Park (RTP) - the largest research park in the country.

When hiring we look for a culture add, not a culture fit. We care about our people, we want you to be comfortable, learn and grow, and we make it a priority to make sure that happens.

You get employee perks like:

  • A fun and friendly work environment with flexible hours
  • A MacBook laptop with your preference of 1 or 2 monitors
  • Free office drinks and snacks
  • Relaxed dress code

Your professional development matters:

  • Get dedicated support from a talented marketing coach who’ll fast-track your onboarding and give you the tools you need to be successful.
  • Have your opinion heard. Every Hexawise employee is encouraged to voice their opinions, ideas, and concerns openly. These opinions and ideas will shape the company's direction and are critical to the continued success and growth of Hexawise.
  • Have executive level visibility into how the company is run and performing (including revenue, and monthly ops reviews).
  • Attend industry conferences that are meaningful to you.
  • Earn as much responsibility as you can handle. Top performers are rewarded and there’s room for advancement.

This is an incredible position for a driven candidate who is excited to lead and shape the marketing efforts at a growing tech company. We look forward to hearing from you

Senior Manager, Customer Success

Job Description

At Hexawise we aim to improve the way software is tested. Achieving that aim requires not only providing our clients with a wonderful software tool (which our customers say we’re succeeding at) but also a commitment from the users of our tool to adopt new ways of thinking about software testing.

We have written previously about our focus on the importance of the values Bill Hunter (our founder's father) to Hexawise. That has led us to constantly focus on how maximize the benefits our customers gain using Hexawise. This focus has led us to realize that our customers that take advantage of the high-touch training services and ongoing expert test design support on demand that we offer often realize unusually large benefits and roll out usage of Hexawise more quickly and broadly than our customers who acquire licenses to Hexawise and try to “get the tool and make it available to the team.”

We are now looking for someone to take on the challenge of helping our clients succeed. The principles behind our decision to put so much focus on helping our customers succeed are obvious to those that understand the thinking of Bill Hunter, W. Edwards Deming, Russel Ackoff etc. but they may seem a bit odd to others. The focus of this senior-level position really is to help our customers improve their software testing results. It isn't just a happy sounding title that has no bearing on what the job actually entails.

The person holding this position will report to the CEO and work with other executives at Hexawise who all share a commitment to delighting our customers and improving the practice of software testing.

Hexawise is an innovative SaaS firm focused on helping large companies use smarter approaches to test their enterprise software systems. Teams using Hexawise get to market faster with higher quality products. We are the world’s leading firm in our niche market and have a growing client base of highly satisfied customers. Since we launched in 2009, we have grown both revenues and profits every year. Hexawise is changing the way that large companies test software. More than 100 Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of other smaller firms use our industry leading software.

Join our journey to transform how companies test their software systems.

In the Weeks Prior to a Sale Closing

  • Partner with sales representatives to conduct virtual technical presentations and demonstrations of our Hexawise test design solution.
  • Clearly explain the benefits and limitations of combinatorial test design to potential customers using language and concepts relevant to their context by drawing upon your own “been there, done that” experiences of having successfully introduced combinatorial test design methods in multiple similar situations.
  • Identify and assess business and technical requirements, and position Hexawise solutions accordingly.

Immediately Upon a New Sale Closing

  • Assess a new client’s existing testing-related processes, tools, and methods (as well as their organizational structure) in order to provide the client with customized, actionable recommendations about how they can best incorporate Hexawise.
  • Collaborate with client stakeholders to proactively identify potential barriers to successful adoption and put plans in place to mitigate / overcome such barriers.
  • Provide remote, instructor-led training sessions via webinars.
  • Provide multi-day onsite instructor-led training sessions that: cover basic software test design concepts (such as Equivalence Class Partitioning, the definition of Pairwise-Testing coverage, etc.) as well as how to use the specific features of Hexawise.
  • Include industry-specific and customer-specific customized training modules and hands-on test design exercises to help make the sessions relevant to the testers and BA’s who attend the training sessions.
  • Collaborate with new users and help them iterate, improve, and finalize their first few sets of Hexawise-generated software tests.
  • Set rollout and adoption success criteria with clients and put plans in place to help them achieve their goals.

Months After a New Sale Closing

  • Continue to engage with customers onsite and virtually to understand their needs, answer their test design questions, and help them achieve large benefits from test optimization.
  • Monitor usage statistics of Hexawise clients and proactively reach out to clients, as appropriate, to provide proactive assistance at the first sign that they might be facing any potential adoption/rollout challenges.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders and end users at our clients to identify opportunities to improve the features and capabilities of Hexawise and then collaborate with our development team to share that feedback and implement improvements.

Required Skills and Experience

We are looking for a highly-experienced combinatorial test design expert with outstanding analytical and communication skills to provide these high touch on-boarding services and partner with our sales team with prospective clients.

Required Skills

  • Bachelor’s or technical university degree
  • Deep experience successfully introducing combinatorial test design methods on multiple different kinds of projects to several different groups of testers.
  • Set rollout and adoption success criteria with multiple teams and put plans in place to achieve them.
  • Minimum 5 years in software testing, preferably at a IT consulting firm or large financial services firm.
  • Ability to present and demonstrate capabilities of the Hexawise tool, and the additional services we provides to our clients beyond our tool.
  • Exhibit excellent communication and presentation skills, including questioning techniques.
  • Demonstrate passion regarding consulting with customers.
  • Understand how IT and enterprise software is used to address the business and technical needs of customers.
  • Demonstrate hands-on level skills with relevant and/or related software technology domains.
  • Communicate the value of products and solutions in terms of financial return and impact on customer business goals.
  • Possess a solid level of industry acumen; keeping current with software testing trends and able to converse with customers at a detailed level on pertinent issues and challenges.
  • Represents Hexawise knowledgeably, based on a solid understanding of Hexawise’s business direction, portfolio and capabilities
  • Understand the competitive landscape for Hexawise and position Hexawise effectively.
  • A cover letter that describes who you are, what you've done, and why you want to join Hexawise.
  • Ability to work and learn independently and as part of a team
  • Desire to work in a fast-paced, challenging start-up environment
  • 3-5 years of experience at a B2B SaaS company is preferred


  • Salary: $65,000 - $100,000 (based on experience)
  • Benefits: Health, dental included, 401k plan
  • Travel: Average of no more than 2-3 days onsite per week
  • Location: Durham, NC*

*Working from our offices would be highly preferable. We might consider remote working arrangements for an exceptional candidate based in the US

Senior Software Testing Consultant

Job Description

Your mission will be to help Hexawise’s clients achieve dramatic improvements to their software testing efficiency and effectiveness. To do so, you will be providing consulting, training, and implementation support services to ensure that our customers are successfully achieving their business objectives using our test optimization and test automation SaaS solutions and are progressively expanding their usage of our tools.

Your testing expertise will make you uniquely qualified to share best practices and recommendations with existing and target customers. Your customer expertise will make you uniquely qualified to advocate on behalf of Hexawise customers and influence internal strategy and provide leadership to the overall activities of Hexawise’s professional services.

Your job will encompass a diverse set of responsibilities. You will be a highly valued member of the Hexawise team, reporting directly to the CEO.


Existing Clients

  • Develop strong operational relationships with clients’ project teams and stakeholders to maximize customer satisfaction and seek additional service opportunities.
  • Provide training and implementation support during initial product implementation followed by project-specific consulting, and ongoing adoption support.
  • Contribute to increase revenue throughout the post-sales lifecycle: increase product utilization; identify and close new consulting business within existing accounts; and minimize churn.
  • Offer guidance to clients during launches of new products, features, and/or service offerings.
  • Lead project-specific consulting engagements, and provide test optimization and test automation guidance to Hexawise implementation initiatives.
  • Return important customer insights to the Hexawise team, with the goal of influencing internal strategy and securing the success of our customers.

Target Clients

  • Clearly explain the benefits and limitations of combinatorial test design to potential customers using language and concepts relevant to their context by drawing upon your own “been there, done that” experiences of having successfully introduced combinatorial test design methods in similar situations.
  • Develop tailored rollout strategies which include integration of Hexawise Optimize and Hexawise Automate into client processes.
  • Define and present comprehensive training and consulting proposals that will enhance Hexawise adoption and keep customer churn extremely low.

Required Skills and Experience

  • 3-5 years of experience with software testing, preferably with an IT consulting firm or a large financial services organization
  • Ability to master the functional capabilities, methodology, and use cases of Hexawise solutions in order to advise customers and promote best practices
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to persuasively communicate recommendations, thoughtfully answer tough questions, effectively champion customer needs, and overcome organizational inertia
  • Industry acumen, with knowledge of current software testing trends and an ability to converse with customers at a detailed level on pertinent issues and challenges and describe to clients where Hexawise fits into the competitive landscape of software testing solutions
  • Ability to travel regularly (likely to be no more than 40%)
  • You must be eligible to legally work in the USA.
  • Working from our offices in Durham, NC would be highly preferable. We might consider remote working arrangements for an exceptional candidate based in the USA.