Hexawise Browser & Network Test

Hexawise requires the browser to maintain an application session via a cookie, and that a range of HTTP requests work properly. The ten operations below test that Hexawise can function properly in your environment.

The bottom line is, you must pass the Ten Golden Network Tests before you can use the Hexawise application!

Please click the nine buttons below to perform the network test. Each click should result in a Success! message.

Network Test Test Results

You should see a thumbs up icon to the left. If you don't, please contact your network support team for assistance.

If any of these tests fail, please check your browser settings and ensure Hexawise is a whitelisted site that allows cookies, fonts, and JavaScript. If this doesn't help, please try a different browser or contact your local desktop or network support team. Unfortunately, there is little we can do to help you if any of these tests fail.