Hexawise reduces regression tests by 65% at Datalex

Hexawise reduces regression tests by 65% at Datalex

Aine Sherry
Global Test Manager
Hexawise contact person

Datalex is a leading digital commerce platform provider for many of the world's largest airlines. Datalex relies on high-quality regression test suites to ensure billions of transactions per year are processed quickly and correctly.

Too many tests
Unknown test coverage
No automated tests
"Hexawise has been fundamental in improving the way we approach our Test Design, Coverage, and Execution at Datalex... Its ability to provide a risk based approach to coverage gives us more confidence during sign-off."
Improved understanding of test coverage
Reduced tests by >65%
Simplified test automation

Datalex teams used Hexawise coverage charts to precisely understand test coverage achieved. Before using Hexawise, testing coverage was unclear. After Hexawise was implemented, communication and collaboration improved immensely between stakeholders in making decisions about how much testing was enough.

Using Hexawise Optimize allowed Datalex to reduce their test suite by more than 65% while improving test coverage - saving them considerable time and effort. The data-driven, consistently-formatted Hexawise tests allowed for simple automation and maintenance of the new, smaller yet more thorough regression suite.

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