Case Studies

Success stories of Hexawise in use around the globe.



Datalex, one of the world’s leading travel reservations system providers, used Hexawise to turn sets of existing regression test suites for manual testers into improved automated regression test suites.

IT Consulting

Global IT and Consulting Firm

A large global IT and Consulting firm uses Hexawise to improve the thoroughness and efficiency of their software testing activities. They have been happy with the results, especially the large number of users who are using Hexawise, the responsiveness we have demonstrated whenever questions arise, and our willingness to go to great lengths to help make them successful. A year into their licensing arrangement, the firm has more than 9,000 Hexawise users in more than 35 countries, and hundreds of clients who are impressed with the quality of Hexawise-enabled testing the firm is providing to them. These are the highlights of the first year of their experiences.

Industrial Design

ITW Building Components Group

With a decade-old automated test suite, Scott Berger (Director of Process and Quality) knew that there was probably room for improvement. Just how much improvement would shock him, his colleagues, and totally change how their team viewed test design.

Financial Services

Mortgage Application Example

This example shows how you can use Hexawise to select a few dozen (or a few hundred) especially powerful tests from among millions of possible functional tests of a mortgage application processing program.

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