What our faithful users have to say about Hexawise.

Hexawise will have a major impact on testing.

Capers Jones

World leading authority on software metrics and benchmarks.

Introduced new company to @hexawise that sorely needs that tool.... Their jaws dropped. Drool came out.

James Bach

CEO of Satisfice, author, and international keynote speaker

I have found Hexawise to be extremely effective in organizing and communicating test ideas and facilitates for super quick feedback on the impact your ideas have on test scope & timelines. It is also relatively easy to learn compared to other tools that involve orthogonal array test strategies. I love it.

Zachary Zwart

QA Lead at a Large Global Bank

Hexawise has been fundamental in improving the way we approach our Test Design, Test Coverage and Test Execution at Datalex... My team love using Hexawise given its intuitive interface and it’s ability to provide a risk based approach to coverage which gives them more confidence during release sign-off.

Áine Sherry

Global Test Manager at Datalex

@Hexawise Recommended Hexawise to one of our devs today #GoodStuffShallBeRecommended

Ilari Henrik Aegerter

President, International Society for Software Testing

@hugs (Jason Huggins - Founder of Selenium) says YES. Use #Hexawise to reduce your Selenium cases & speed up your cases. Cheaper better coverage. #STPcon @Hexawise

Lanette Creamer

Software Test Pilot at The Omni Group

As well as saving time creating test cases and producing test specs, the thing I like about Hexawise is its ease of use, the speed of which the test cases are generated, and the way you can track requirements to the test cases.

Larry Dinoff

Test Lead at Datalex

Love this tool. pulls out soapbox Folks, if you're swamped with testing a crapload of permutations so that the higher-ups can get a warm fuzzy, you and I both know that it's not scalable. Most bugs don't happen unless at least a pair of values are introduced. That's exactly what this tool helps figure out. So if you're looking to learn a new tool that can help you carve through the workload--whether you're a manual or automation tester--grab this one.

Michael "Fritz" Fritzius

President of Arch DevOps

Hexawise seems like potentially THE best starting point for testing most applications. At least a few times a year I hear from functional testers how they struggle with designing tests for coverage and struggling with Excel spreadsheets. Countless man hours and copy-paste and drag errors later, they get test packs with unknown degrees of coverage. Seems silly. I tell them they should be using Hexawise.

Patrick den Oudsten

Performance Test Manager at Hewlett-Packard

Was working a coaching session with a customer today and a huge data/config matrix was making them weep. Stunned silence when I showed them Hexawise.

Jim Holmes

Vice President, ALM and Testing at Falafel Software, President of CodeMash Conference, @aJimHolmes

Hexawise is a great tool. I recommend Hexawise to anyone seeking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing.

Lester Bostic

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Hexawise is an easy-to-use software test design tool that helps testers quickly design and document unusually powerful test cases. We're seeing significant benefits from using it. Benefits we're seeing include time savings, increases in testing thoroughness, and a better understanding of testing coverage achieved by our tests. Their tool improves how we use tools like Quality Center and Quick Test Pro. In other words, it supplements - rather than replaces - other testing tools we already had.

Chandan Narkar


Hexawise has made my life easier as a Quality Engineer, and I can't go back to the days when I had to manually create test cases. It's an integral part of my day-to-day life, and is definitely a must have in my sprints/releases.

Barby Follero

Quality Engineer at Capital Group Companies

Survived a combinatorial explosion today with the help of Hexawise. 14,000+ combinations boiled down to 75.

Clint Hoagland

Senior Software Test Specialist at TechSmith Corporation, @vsComputer

Just discovered Hexawise today, brilliant tool for creating test cases based on coverage of many variables.

Stephen Blower

Test Manager at Ffrees, @badbud65

Freaking awesome.

Moolya Testing


This changes everything.

Dan Caseley

Test Engineering Manager at CommonTime, @Fishbowler

At JPMC, Hexawise has consistently eliminated redundancies in test scenarios, reduced lead times by 25%, and assured the accuracy of functionality requirements.

Shreya Narang

Senior Business Analyst

Thanks Hexawise for introducing me to pairwise testing. It's the most user friendly tool I've found.

Charelle Lacasse

Propriétaire, Spécialiste en Assurance Qualité et Analyste-Programmeur at TrickSolution, @charellelac

Hexawise gives me a simple way to generate test cases that yield maximum code coverage with minimal tests. Hexawise. Simple. Done.

Anders Lyman

Software Engineer at Ancestry.com

Hexawise is not the only pairwise application out there, but the other apps are too cryptic to allow quick collaboration. Hexawise makes the technique 'visual' and easy to understand for people with no prior experience with the technique. I've been using it successfully to explain how pairwise works.

Shmuel Gershon

Testing Engineer at Intel Corporation

Hexawise uses proven scientific methods for test and data generation. It allows for data modeling in a quick and efficient manner. This saves time. The data can be used by other tools, and that is a great help in automation. This is the tool testers have been waiting for.

Jim Hazen

Contractor at Nelnet

Whenever you need to test the best combinations out of all possible combinations, I recommend Hexawise. It can help you create data quickly and in a format that you can directly use. Very cool tool. Use it to see the power of Hexawise.

Ajay Balamurugadas

Sr. QA Engineer at Fiberlink

You can't even begin to imagine the time that you would save from using this tool. It's straightforward approach in identifying which cases are valid and which pairs are invalid are simple and easy to understand. Data export after the cases have been generated was very thoroughly thought of. As a user, I haven't even began to scratch the surface of this tool's full potential.

Perze Ababa

Director, Head of Testing for Viacom's Multi-Platform Services Division

All, this is a great tool, check this out.

Hirsch Boucchechter

Senior Manager, Accenture

Very impressed w/ @Hexawise #pairwise, n-way test planning tool. Definitely want to include in @Meticulon @istqb software testing curriculum

Michael D'Souza

Chief Technology Coach at Meticulon

Once again, Hexawise saves the day!

Robin Gupta


As a heuristic, I don't comment back on stuff from tool vendors. Exception is @Hexawise.

Jari Laakso

ScrumMaster at Ullink

A great product.

Pascal Dufour

Agile test consultant at Validate-it, @Pascal_Dufour

When I teach Pairwise/N-wise testing, I use Hexawise. It's complete, easy-to-understand, and accurate.

Pascal Delamaire

Senior Tester and Instructor, HENIX

With an issue --> fix time of 47 minutes (check the Twitter stream), there's a reason I recommend @Hexawise :-)

Matt Heusser

Consultant and Writer on Software Delivery and Testing

I love Hexawise and think it's brilliantly designed.

Nate Savery

Software QA Consultant at Modis

After Hexawise, now, my approach to test planning has completely changed. I found the self-paced computer based training modules especially helpful to improve my test design skills.

Ayon Choudhury

Software Engineering Analyst at Accenture

My job requires that my teams test software very thoroughly. Achieving 100% requirements coverage is not enough for my needs. Hexawise allows me to create far more thorough test scenarios. I find Hexawise to be very effective since it provides a minimal set of combinations which gives maximum coverage.

Harmeet Singh Chhabra

Test Manager at Accenture

Your product is great. Easy to use and simple to understand.

Anmol Argwal

Senior Software Test Engineer at QA InfoTech

Thanks for building Hexawise. Your product stands head and tails above the competition!

Matt Blefeld

Sr QA Analyst at TransUnion|TLOxp

Love using @Hexawise... It's a lifesaver.

Aaron Hodder

Senior Consultant and Regional Service Lead - Testing at Assurity Consulting

Just found Hexawise. Love it! I stumbled across the need for this a while back.

Damian Synadinos

Owner of Ineffable Solutions

Hexawise is een zeer nuttige tool om een minimale set van testcases te ontwerpen en toch maximale coverage te behalen.

Andre Heijstek

Agile coach, directeur en oprichter bij Valueminds

Tool of my dreams… You have created the software I have been looking for these past 10 years.

Michele Cross

QA Manager at Sandstone Technology

As a senior Engineer in a highly innovative company, through its intuitive GUI, I find Hexawise crucial in regards to achieving excellent coverage within a fraction of the time and effort. Hexawise will also facilitate us to scale onwards and upwards as we continue to innovate and grow.

Dean Richardson

Software Test Engineer at Datalex

Combinatorial design has come a long way. No one does it better than Hexawise.

Aaron Ueland

Software Quality Leadership at Accenture