Hexawise Test Design Professional Certification

By John Hunter · Sep 19, 2019

The Hexawise Test Design Professional Certification is designed to educate software testers on modern software testing practices and on the use of Hexawise.  Upon successful completion of the course students recieve a certification of Hexawise expertise.  The interactive course requires an active Hexawise user account to complete the certification.

The Hexawise Test Design Professional Certification validates specialized expertise in designing thorough and efficient sets of software tests using proven, modern strategies.

image of Hexawise course screen - adding rules based expected results

This training and certification program provides in-depth practical training in 11 self-paced computer-based training modules covering basic Hexawise test optimization concepts through advanced usage of the most critical Hexawise features. 

Students completing this training and certification program will possess a solid knowledge of software test design methods and be able to:

  • Design sets of unusually thorough and efficient software tests
  • Distinguish between shallow, wasteful sets of test sets and optimized sets of tests
  • Generate sets of tests that systematically eliminate wasteful repetition
  • Clearly describe and report coverage achieved by test sets
  • Export automated test script code to improve testing efficiency

And they will also earn the distinction of becoming a certified Hexawise Test Design Professional.

Contact sales@hexawise.com to learn more about the Hexawise Certification Program and to purchase access.