Hexawise Recent Updates

June 27, 2019


Number of generated test cases are shown in the revision dialog for many revisions

Not every plan revision has test cases generated for it, but for those revisions that do, Hexawise will now display how many test cases existed for that revision in the test plan revisions dialog.


June 19, 2019


Password reset issues with the Internet Explorer browser


June 17, 2019


One-click removal of sample parameters

If you take Hexawise up on its offer to show you some example parameters in a new, empty test plan, you can now also clear those examples with a single click.


May 30, 2019


Duplicated (repeated) parameter values don’t duplicate in the Auto-scripts condition drop down list


May 20, 2019


Define inputs UI

The text on the define inputs and bulk edit UI has been improved, and the interactions provide more feedback.



Define Inputs UI independance

The URL scheme for Define Inputs is now independent, so won’t continually return to the single parameter define inputs toggle. If you are using bulk edit or mind map views, those will persist as you move around the application. These views are now also URL addressable.


May 9, 2019


Copying a plan in a project defaults to being copied in the project


April 30, 2019


TypeScript/Cucumber export from Hexawise Automate


April 18, 2019


Importing a plan with invalid constraints can result in broken plan name in some cases


April 15, 2019


Save as YAML format for generated test cases



April 8, 2019


Database optimizations

Zoom! Zoom!



Certain plan modifications don’t work when NPV warning banner is shown

This was a fairly nasty pairwise defect that prevented some types of plan modification from succeeding (e.g. parameter deletion) in the rare case that a user overrode a suggestion from Hexawise to prevent “no possible values” when modifying their plans constraints, and thereby entered into the state with the “no possible value” warning banner displayed in the UI.

This is now resolved.


March 28, 2019


Issues resetting password

Some users had issues with the reset password form after the Hexawise website refresh.


March 27, 2019


Consistent save keyboard shortcut between Hexawise (bulk edit) and Hexawise Automate


March 19, 2019


Hexawise Automate test script export to programming language / test framework pairs

You can now export BDD test scripts from Hexawise Automate to anyone of 24 programming language / test framework pairs by selected “Automated Test Framework” in the export dialog. This is a more direct path to automated test scripts than just exporting the Gherkin Feature file from Hexawise Automate. These exports contain the “stubs” needed to implement the Gherkin statements in the programming language and test framework you select.

Please contact us if the programming language or testing framework you’re using to execute your BDD test scripts is not already in the export list.


March 18, 2019


New “Save as” feature in test cases hidden for some plans displayed on narrow screens

This was a pairwise defect only impacting “wide plans” (lots of parameters) on narrow width screens


March 14, 2019


Create an auto-script achievement is now satisfied by a manual auto-script or a Hexawise Automate BDD script



Broken links in sample plan dialogs



Hexawise Sample plans now include Hexawise Automate BDD test scripts


February 27, 2019


Quickly and easily save test cases as JSON, CSV, XML, and Gherkin or Gauge data tables

There is now a “save as” drop-down to save the test cases data from the test cases table in common formats for automated tests.



Hexawise Automate header panel on very narrow screens

Important functionality such as save and export would not be available on very narrow screens rather than being scrollable.



Save the raw coverage data as JSON or XML for your own analysis or visualization

The raw coverage data that powers the coverage graph and coverage matrix is now available via “Save As” from the coverage matrix so you can do your own analysis and visualization if you so chose.


February 11, 2019


UI scrolling glitch with No Possible Values banner


February 7, 2019


Plan name validation during plan rename


February 1, 2019


Revisions dialog indicates which revisions contained “no possible values”