Hexawise Recent Updates

May 7, 2018


Open plan dialog in the currently active project

When working on a test plan in a project, the “Your plans” dialog now opens to that project by default, rather than to “Your plans”.


April 26, 2018


Sample import file updated to latest format



Import file explanation dialog formatting was glitched


April 25, 2018


Number of interactions tooltip

The # of interactions tooltip shows “null” when there are no “any valid values” (purple italics) in the generated test. It’s rare to have none, but quite possible. A classic of the pairwise defect genre.



Warning when navigating away from bulk edit with unsaved changes

This warning had stopped working as a regression.


April 18, 2018


Minor formatting issue in parameter length warning dialog

A parameter length warning dialog that appears when parameters are created with eight or more values.

The first issue was that the word ‘parameters’ was always pluralized, even if there was only one parameter listed.

The second issue was that we were showing the actual array (as in “[OS, Browser]”) instead of a list of the array’s elements in the dialog.



Wording of the “largest” parameters tip in the plan scorecard for mixed-strength tests


April 16, 2018


Help link doesn’t work in Internet Explorer


April 10, 2018


Odd little bug… step 1 of auto-scripts disappears when clicking “add” while it’s blank


April 9, 2018


Store and use the last calculated strength used

This prevents Hexawise from continually loading a test combination strength you aren’t interested in. Before Hexawise used last computed strength rather than last viewed/used.



Deleting the currently open plan now properly redirects you out of the plan

Are there any defects that aren’t pairwise? Oh, so very few.


April 3, 2018


Issue when reverting to a prior version of a plan, or when importing a plan, only when value expansions expand the parameter values with the same name in different parameters

A true classic of a pair-wise defect. Put this one in the dictionary as a canonical example of the term.


April 2, 2018


Editing project name of current plan’s project

Editing the name of the project that owns that plan you’re in from the Edit Project dialog would make the share link on the plan’s page stale.


March 29, 2018


Parameter name change warning in bulk edit

The warning about parameters used in auto-scripts being changed in a bulk edit is now more specific and more helpful.


March 28, 2018


Hexawise Capture on internal URLs w/o a TLD

Thanks to Caleb for reporting the limitation.


March 26, 2018


More consistency in requirements expected outcomes and auto-scripts expected results throughout the Excel export

Thanks to Mary-Anne for reporting the issue.


March 19, 2018


Value expansion preservation across multiple parameters that have the same value, after a bulk edit

Thanks to Keith for reporting the issue.



Bad revision dialog state after revert is complete



Editing value expansions from the mind map view



Sticky highlighting of test cases when clicking on them in the test cases view


March 15, 2018


Select between staying with the original plan or using the new copy when copying a plan


March 9, 2018


Changes to Hexawise Automate test script didn’t update test plan modified date


March 8, 2018


Auto-completion of Gherkin script syntax in Hexawise Automate



Search for projects by name

The search field in the “Your Plans” dialog now searches for matching plan names and project names.


March 7, 2018


Using “Relax” feature in auto-scripts before saving the first step

Previously this did not work, but now it saves the first step then proceeds with the “Relax” auto-script generation feature.