Hexawise Recent Updates

January 13, 2018


System software upgrades

We made some upgrades to some important system software that should result in noticeable performance increases for many Hexawise operations.


January 12, 2018


Add value expansions to a parameter when there is so far only one parameter in the plan

This was a strange pairwise defect.



Value expansions could be lost when removing unrelated parameters in single parameter edit



Plan sharing

In Hexawise, plans are shared in a project. We now made it easier to share a plan into a new project. When you click the share action, there’s now an option to select existing projects, or to create a new project right there.


January 10, 2018


Attribute invites to the proper user in all cases

Want to guess if this bug was a pair-wise defect? If you guessed ‘yes’, you’re a winner!

If a user was invited to a project by someone that did not originally create the project, the invitation said that the project creator is inviting them to the project. Now it correctly identifies the inviter to the invitee in the invitation.


January 8, 2018


Regression exporting without tests

Fixed a regression that occurs only when exporting with no test cases. A classic pairwise defect.


January 5, 2018


Requirements traceability in Excel and CSV exports

The requirements traceability of requirements to the test cases where they appear was only exported as a sheet in the HP QC/ALM export. It is now also exported as a sheet in the Excel export and a CSV file in the CSV exports.



Shared project email

The email you get when a project has been shared with you now includes a list of the test plans in the project and links to the test plans.



Plan revisions dialog

Searching in the plan revisions dialog, then coming back into it kept the old search criteria, which then also caused layout issues in the dialog. This is a classic combinatorial defect caused by a sequence of specific actions.


January 4, 2018


Trailing commas in bulk edit

Including one or more trailing commas at the end of a set of comma-delimited parameter values in bulk edit would cause the parameter and values on the next line to be interpreted incorrectly.



Manage plan dialog with long plan names

You can now hover over truncated long plan names to get the full name.



Create / edit parameter dialog dismissal

Dismissing with the X now behaves the same as dismissing with the “cancel” link.


January 2, 2018


Error saving parameter value updates with blank requirements

Some unusual cases could cause errors when saving parameter values when blank requirements existing. Spooky action at a distance? Only in very specific cases? That’s what combinatorial testing is all about!



Graphic glitch in Create Tests panel header

Happy New Year everybody!

We’re getting back into the swing of things here at Hexawise HQ after the holidays with a nice, easy one.


October 20, 2017


Exporting requirements with no values

Exporting would fail in some cases when there were requirements with no values specified. A pairwise defect.


October 13, 2017


Requirements import issue

A pairwise defect around interactions with certain sequences of value pairs would prevent requirements import from completing successfully. This has now been resolved.


October 9, 2017


Identifying Variation quiz

Some of the quiz questions in the Identifying Variation self-assessment quiz were improved to be more clear and relevant.


October 4, 2017


Bad link to “Key Concepts” info in quiz

Link to the “Key Concepts” information for the “Strength of Combinations” quiz was broken



Quiz link not working

“Strength of Combinations” link from achievements was not working.


September 25, 2017


Expected results in test cases table of large sets of test cases.

Once a set of test cases gets very large (hundreds of tests), lots of parameters, Hexawise starts to display a slimmed down display of the test cases where any values aren’t replaced, and bolding of parameter values forced by requirements doesn’t happen, etc.

In those cases, the expected results column that shows the expected results from requirements (if any) was also not shown. This could be confusing as to if Hexawise is actually using the specified requirements (it is). These expected results are now always displayed.

Thank you to Aditya for requesting the improvement.



Bulk-delete of requirements did not create a revision in the test plan history

Now it does.

This is representative of an interesting and sneaky class of pairwise defects. If you have some thing, call it X, that applies or happens every time any number of things, call them Y’s, happen, then you have a potential for a defect if 99 out of the 100 Y’s properly cause X to happen, but one of them doesn’t.

To make this example more concrete, in this case, test plan revisions are created every time a test plan is manipulated (which happens in many dozen different ways). All of these various manipulations caused a revision to be created, except for bulk delete which did not.



Bulk-delete of requirements did not clear generated test cache

Now it does.



Description of requirements in revision history

Previously the description had a dangling reference to an expected result when there was none, and it did not include the expected result description. Now it doesn’t and now it does respectively.



Error when adding new placeholder requirements (requirements without parameter values) from the UI in some cases


September 24, 2017


Auto-script expected result application

Fixed some 2-way, 3-way and even 4-way defects found in production with determining if expected results from auto-script steps apply to a test case or not. These defects involved parameter values that have been value expanded (2-way), value expanded and condition with “is not” (3-way), and value expanded and condition with “is not” and the other values that it “is not” are also value expanded (4-way)