Hexawise Recent Updates

November 25, 2016


Can’t specify mixed-strengths when there are more than 500 test cases

This was a classic pairwise defect that is only triggered for the pairing of multi-strength and > 500 test cases.



Can’t access “Key Concepts” links for some quizzes


November 10, 2016


Erroneous duplicate name error when using esaped colons in bulk edit


October 30, 2016


Handling very long parameter names and values in generated test case table

Very long parameter names and values are now truncated (with a tooltip to see the whole value) to save space when displaying generated test cases.


September 28, 2016


“ampersand-quot;” could be seen in some cases in expected results rather than the “ character



Existing requirements are frozen too after freezing test cases

We decided it makes more sense to show all requirements as frozen after freezing test cases rather than leaving existing requirements as unfrozen, since existing requirements are usually modified during freezing.



Escape colons in parameter names in bulk edit

You could always have a : in your parameter name in single parameter edits, but it wasn’t possible to add or edit parameters with colons in bulk edit since the colon character delimits the boundary between the parameter name and parameter values. Now you can escape an colon in a parameter name with : in bulk edit. Example:

Fruit: Apple, Pear, Banana
Car: Datsun, Yugo

Thanks to Eva for requesting this enhancement.



Save parameter edits after a duplicate parameter name warning in mind map

There was a defect where the save action would remain disabled after getting a warning about duplicating a parameter name when editing in the mind map view.



Rendering special characters in mind maps

Special characters that are reserved in XML would cause rendering issues in the SVG mind map display (a classic type of pair-wise data variation defect). They no longer do.



Rendering large number of test cases

When searching and sorting of generated test cases was added, we removed the prior limit of displaying 300 test cases at a time. Unfortunately as test plans get large and into the thousands of test cases, the burden on the browser JavaScript engine to parse and render all that test case data was too much for slower browsers (IE) and slower computers. We restored a limit (up to 500 now).

If you’ve generated more than 500 test cases (that’s a lot of test cases!) you can once again see them all by exporting.



Keyboard inserts in HP QC / ALM export dialog

Inserting parameters into the export fields with the keyboard was not working. Now it’s fixed.


September 8, 2016


Use an expected result achievement via requirements expected result

The achievement of using an expected result can now come from using an expected result on a requirement instead of just an expected result in auto-scripts.



Additional fields in HP QC / ALM export auto-complete

The rest of the fields in the insert drop down (plan name, test #, etc) that are not parameter names are now available via text auto-complete in the HP QC / ALM export dialog.



UI glitches in value pair dialog



Can’t revert to initial (blank) test plan

There was a defect (classic pair-wise defect) that you could not revert to the first revision of a test plan if that first revision was completely blank. Now you can.


September 3, 2016


Moved the most critical generated test count information out of the title bar and info popup

This should improve getting key information about tests at a quick glance.



No possible value popup not shown on subsequent viewings of test cases

The popup was only in place initially after test cases were generated, but coming back to the same test cases later, they did not have popups explaining the significance of “no possible value”. Now it does.



Explanation of purple italics popup on hover for each occurrence

Helps explain the significance of purple italics in resulting test cases.


August 24, 2016


Keyboard triggered auto-complete in HP-QC / ALM export

In the test name and test description fields of the HP QC / ALM export dialog, you can now insert parameter values using keyboard autocomplete (similar to how it works in auto-script step fields) by typing the { character.



Import file field from copy plan dialog

This option doesn’t make sense when copying a plan.



Spurious change warning messages appeared when bulk editing parameter values that contain commas

An interesting pairwise defect.



Moved “Back to Plans” navigation in project permissions dialog to the top left to be more prominent and noticeable



Missing highlight on the “Create Tests” navigation when creating mixed-strength tests.



Initiating editing on an auto-script field causing it to scroll out of view

This annoying defect which only affected later steps (pairwise defect!) has been fixed.



Maximum parameter values for coverage matrix

The maximum number of parameter values your test plan can have and still use the coverage matrix visualization has been increased for users of Chrome and Firefox browsers. The new limits are:

Chrome: 100 parameter values Firefox: 85 parameter values IE: 75 parameter values