Hexawise Recent Updates

March 5, 2018


Test case sorting and required paramater values

Fixed a pairwise defect where test cases sorting by a parameter where some of the test cases had a value forced by a requirement was impacted by the UI styling that was done on the forced parameter value effecting the sort order.



Duplicate value pair can be created in some scenarios


March 1, 2018


Override browser’s language with a user profile setting



Incorrect share info after initial project creation

Immediately after creating a new project, the UI would report the project was shared with 1 person, even if it wasn’t.


February 27, 2018


Numerous requirements ordering issues


February 21, 2018


All new requirements UI

The UI for forcing specific interactions to appear in test plans has been completely revamped to be easier to use. The main goal of this rework was to eliminate all of the horizontal scrolling that had to happen on larger plans with more parameters. The new UI is a single page wide, no matter how many parameters you have. While working on this main goal, we made numerous other improvements:

  • drag and drop re-ordering of parameters
  • Google sheets / Excel-like data grid for ease of editing, full keyboard only support
  • refined terminology that is more clear, “forced interactions” and “expected outcome”
  • auto-saving (type ESC to cancel your changes)


Some UI glitch regressions in the test case count and pairwise explanation tooltips and dialog


February 20, 2018


Achievement counts are now displayed for 4th and 8th plan achievements



Export file naming

Now uses underscores for special characters that are dropped from the filename rather than simply removing them.


February 19, 2018


Auto-scripts test preview selection

You can now sort the parameters in the test case preview selection table for auto-scripts. The header is fixed as well as you scroll the test rows.


February 15, 2018



We made some very significant performance improvements across the entire application. You’ll mainly notice these improvements when opening various dialogs, especially in user accounts that have a significant amount of test plans and projects.



Auto-scripts screen is more accessible for color blind users

As part of our efforts to address user accessibility issues, we are targeting areas of the UI that rely on color exclusively to convey information and adding non-color redundancies.


February 14, 2018


Use ESC key to cancel value pair selection after making the initial selection in the pair


February 12, 2018


Long plan names in panel headers and dialogs

They are now consistently truncated.



Achievement counts are now displayed

The achievements needed to level up that are based on the number of activities performed (e.g. “Create your 10th value pair”) now indicate your current count.



Consistency of behavior when closing confirmation dialog with different methods

There was different behavior when the value pair conflict confirmation dialog was closed with the “cancel” link vs. the X. These are meant to be the same.



Added parameter name tooltip to constraints interface


February 8, 2018


Clarity of project link in plan dialog

In the plan dialog a click directly on the project acts to select the project, not the entire plan row. This is now made more clear with link underlining on hover over the project name that’s distinct from the entire row hover highlighting.


February 6, 2018


Parameter names in constraints were styled as links

These are not links in this part of the UI.


February 2, 2018


Expected results dropdown logic in auto-scripts when exhausting possibilities with “is-not”

The parameter should be removed from the list of possible options when its possibilities are exhausted, but it wasn’t in the case of “is not”. A classic pairwise defect.



Cancel in the blank parameters and values warning dialog

Now cancel and the close X both work the same.


February 1, 2018


Share dialog when users have one or more projects with a very long name

Very long data is often an important testing consideration when dealing with user provided content.


January 22, 2018


Information panels

The formatting and styling of the dismissable help panels throughout the application have been improved and normalized across the app.


January 19, 2018


Issues editing plans from the mind map

Most users use the mind map to visualize their test plan inputs. It’s also fully editable however, and there were a few regressions that had been introduced that effected editing your test plan from the mind map view in some cases.


January 15, 2018


Changes in an open plan from the plan dialog ripple through the app without a reload

If you used the test plan dialog to change certain aspects of a test plan, such as its name or project, and that plan also happens to be the plan that you are currently editing (2-way defects), then those aspects would be stale and would continue showing the old data until you refreshed or changed plans.