Hexawise Recent Updates

October 31, 2011


Progress checklist display logic

Ensure the most applicable checklist (Basic or Advanced) is displayed during login in the few corner cases where this was not happening already.



Better error reporting to the user during plan copy operations

An issue in the error reporting logic would obscure the true issue.



Problem importing plans with blank values in value expansions

The value ‘Unnamed’ will be provided.


October 20, 2011


Another problem with Excel and exported numeric strings

Excel doesn’t like cells that start with 0 being marked as numeric. Fixed this in the Excel exports.



JavaScript text in empty auto-script


October 14, 2011


Problem exporting plans with very, very large numeric strings

Numbers > 10^32 cause errors in Excel export because the cell was marked as a number rather than a string. Thanks again to Nitin the “Excel Error Extricator”.

For those keeping track at home, depending on how you designed your tests, this could be one of those rarest of birds, a 4-way bug in the wild!

Activity is export, Format is Excel, Value is a number, Size is > 10^32



Inversion of bi- and uni-directional married pairs in some versions of IE 7

Thanks to David for finding and reporting this one, which was tricky to track down and replicate.


October 12, 2011


Incomplete Page Rendering and Operation Aborted Errors in IE 7 and IE 8 on Create Tests page

These errors are timing related, and sensitive to network latency, so it is not possible to say they are definitively resolved for all users in all cases. The problem should be much rarer now though, if it still occurs at all.



Detection of old versions of Internet Explorer

With sufficient plug-ins or extensions installed, the detection of older versions of IE could have a false positive.



Problem exporting plans with extremely long numeric strings

Thank you to Nitin for reporting the error.


October 4, 2011


Any value suggestions and married pairs

There were some circumstances where the value suggested for an any possible value (in purple italics) would violate a married pair. This has been fixed.


September 29, 2011


UX for mixed strength test selection

Gives more user feedback when applying your selections.



New user tour and progress checklist descriptions

You can now use the left and right arrow keys to scroll through the content of these.



Feedback from an invalid mixed strength selection

The feedback now stays in place rather than disappearing after a moment.



Wording on the no pair left warning.

The suggestion on how to introduce an “N/A” value is now more clear.



Married Pairs

There is now a new way to pair parameter values. In addition to marking a pair of values as invalid to ever be paired together, you can mark a pair of values as “married.” They can be married in just one direction, where value A always has to be tested together with value B, or in both directions where in addition, value B always has to be tested with value A.


September 16, 2011


IE7 Warning

Warning to brand new Hexawise users that are using IE7 now does not conflict with the new user tour.



UI glitches on registration page in IE browser




Can no longer open the top and bottom panel on the Create Tests page

Very few users have the vertical screen real estate to make this configuration useful, so we now auto-collapse the top or the bottom when you expand the other to save you the clicks.



UTF8/ASCII issue with text in notes




New user tour only once for everyone

In some circumstances, users could be shown the new user tour more than just at their first login.



UI Glitch in Hexawise Progress Checklist Dropdown

The drop down could wrap into 2 lines for some people.


September 6, 2011


Wording and help on the Analyze Tests page

Part of ongoing work to make this powerful feature easier to understand. We’re not done yet.



Explanatory info for Excel XML spreadsheet export file format

PC users of Excel see a warning dialog when opening Hexawise exports since these have a .xls file extension rather than a .xml extension. We do this to make sure Excel is used to open the file since a lot of technical users (you!) will have the .xml file extension configured to open in some other application. The text just explains that the warning from Excel is innocuous and what to do about it.



Progress checklist at login for disinterested users

The progress checklist is no longer shown to users that are not trying to complete it. How do we detect disinterest? Apathetic mouse clicks of course.