Hexawise Recent Updates

December 19, 2010


Import invalid pairs, value expansions and notes from Excel

Previously, you could import an Excel spreadsheet (in the same format as the Hexawise export), but it would not import everything, only the inputs. Now it imports everything except the tests themselves.



Removed potentially confusing characters from plans’ share URLs

0’s and O’s, and I’s and 1’s will no longer be present in the Link to “Create and Comment” access project URL (available from the Manage Project Membership dialog).


December 6, 2010


Problem submitting the password reset form.

With the launch of the new Hexawise website, a problem was introduced in submitting the password reset form. This is now resolved.


November 29, 2010


Clarified dialog wording

Improved the wording of the “too many parameter values” dialog that suggests when you might want fewer parameter values.



Problem analyzing test plans with only 1 parameter

Fixed a problem if you request to analyze coverage on a test plan with just 1 parameter.



Additional FAQ entries

New FAQ entries on blank parameter values and parameter orders.


November 27, 2010


More descriptive wording for auto-script panel

While tests are being generated, the wording is more descriptive of what is happening when the auto-script panel is expanded.



Hint panel on the left side

Removed to maximize the space available for the other left side panels.



Optimized top panel size in “Create Tests” and “Analyze Coverage”

Optimized the content layout to be much smaller, leaving more room on small screens for the other panels.


November 11, 2010


Blank page after login on IE7

Fixed an issue that was causing some IE7 users to see a blank page after logging in until they refreshed.


October 27, 2010


Javascript error with Unicode characters in combination output

Resolved a bug that affected IE 7 when certain parameter value characters were not properly escaped.



Handling an innocuous IE7 JavaScript error

Better handling of an occasional and innocuous IE7 JavaScript error.


October 19, 2010


Server error from auto-script in certain circumstances

If test combinations did not get generated properly, and an auto-script was created for the test plan, it could give a server-side error in some circumstances.


October 7, 2010


Improved the forgotten password mechanism

The email address you were attempting to login with is no brought over for you when you use the reset a forgotten password feature.


September 10, 2010


Improved the self-registration process

Made the process smoother, not required to re-enter password during activation.



Range function now works on numbers with commas

Previously, a range value had to be specified as 5001-7000 to be treated as a range and not a literal. Now you can include commas, such as 5,001-7,000.



Unable to copy tests in some rare circumstances

A small # of plans were not copyable. This is resolved.



Define Inputs columns after adds, edits and deletes

When adding new parameters, editing or deleting parameters, the number of columns in each row would sometimes be off, with some parameters not having enough columns, or some parameters having to many. This is now corrected.



Coverage Analysis Graph Glitches

Fixed some graphical glitches that left portions of the analysis graph not properly shaded in some circumstances.


August 26, 2010


Reorder first parameter in a new plan

Fixed a problem where you could not reorder the first parameter added to a new plan after adding the second parameter until you did a refresh.


August 4, 2010


Coverage Analysis in IE 7/8

There was an issue with how the HTML5 canvas element replacement was included that prevented the page from rendering due to a JavaScript error. This affected many versions of IE 7 and IE 8.


August 1, 2010


Recent Updates

Added this list of recent updates to Hexawise. Check back often with the link in the footer, or even better, subscribe to the updates in your favorite RSS reader.



Hover on Only Parameter

There was a JavaScript exception when hovering over the parameter name of the only parameter in a test plan with just one parameter on the Define Inputs screen. This has been resolved.



Problem with First Parameter

Fixed a problem when adding the very first parameter to an empty test. It did not show up until you refreshed the browser. This has been resolved and is no longer the case.



Coverage Analysis Graphs

The coverage analysis graphs are now generated using a different technique. It is no longer a static image with only details on 40%, 60% and 80% coverage. You can hover your mouse and get details on the coverage level at any test. It also no longer labels the X axis with fractional tests.