Case Studies on Improving Software Testing Performance

By John Hunter · Jan 31, 2020

Learn how Fortune 500 companies use Hexawise to deliver higher quality software more quickly.  We include several case studies on our website illustrating the value Hexawise has provided companies seeking to improve their software testing operations.

For example, Hexawise reduces regression suite by 95% at Fidelity Investments where despite a regression suite of more than 12,000 tests, the project still suffered from under-testing due to widespread repetition of tests in the suite, along with scattered, outdated documentation.  The Fidelity team used Hexawise to generate a drastically-smaller set of more powerful, more thorough tests to replace the repetitive manually-selected sets of scenarios previously being executed. This case study includes the following presentation:

This project is an extremely successful example of Hexawise’s ability to pack more coverage into fewer, algorithmically-generated test cases. Not only did Hexawise eliminate the need for 95% of the original (largely redundant) tests, but Hexawise also enhanced the remaining 5% of the test cases to provide the same coverage as the removed 95%.

We hope the case studies we provide will inspire you to seek similar improvements in your software testing performance. 

Additional case studies: